Innovative Wealth Management

“Our office loved being able to customize BitPack from the very beginning, so it made sense for our firm. We cannot say enough about how easy it is to access files, no matter where we are. It has allowed our firm to have meetings on the go, work remotely and ultimately work more efficiently knowing we can have a file right at our fingertips when needed. BitPack is extremely user friendly and we have had no issues sharing files back and forth with our clients with the option of password-protecting everything. It is also a peace of mind, knowing our documents are securely backed up in more places than one. The support staff has been excellent to work with and quickly answers any of our questions. I would highly recommend BitPack to any business!”

Innovative Wealth Management

“Our office implemented BitPack Business a little over a year ago and we cannot say enough great things about it. Simplicity, problem solved and excellent support staff. Whether we have user questions or simple improvements, the staff is fast to listen and implement. I cannot think of an easier product to implement, use and help run our businesses. Would recommend to all types of businesses.”

Owner Home Indeed Design + Build Showroom

“Before moving to BitPack, our business used a different cloud-based service that, on the surface, was just fine… until we needed support from an actual person.  With BitPack we have access to real humans who take the time to make sure everything runs smoothly for us.  Shawn & Jesse invested time to understand our workflow and set BitPack up in a way that worked best for us.  Other than the amazing customer service, I am most impressed with the file sharing feature, overall security of our files & the mobile app.  I strongly recommend putting your file trust in the Data Center Team.”

Chief Creative Officer at TiltPoint

“BitPack was easy to use from the start. With a helpful staff that’s there to answer pressing questions it’s a breath of fresh air in the cloud storage sector. BitPack has been an essential tool when sharing amongst our team, backing up files, or delivering our services to clients. With zero throttling and the ability to handle large uploads I have peace of mind knowing I have efficiency and security anytime I upload and store using BitPack.”