BitPack Sync is supported in MAC OSX Sierra and higher. Older versions are no longer supported.

Download BitPack Sync on Mac

Download BitPack Sync on Mac and double click the .dmg file and drag and drop the “Bitpack Sync” icon to the “Applications” folder.

If you haven’t downloaded BitPack Sync on Mac you can do that here.

Once installed, Sync can be launched from your Applications folder.

Uninstall BitPack Sync on Mac

To uninstall BitPack Sync on Mac, first you have to quit the drive app.

Then navigate to Applications, select “BitPackSync” and click “Move to Trash.”


Sharing Files

Share files using BitPack Sync on Mac by right-clicking on the icon on your Mac’s menu bar on the top right of your screen. Navigate to  “File Browser” on the window that appears and click it.

BitPack’s “File Browser” will open and you can select your desired file for sharing by right clicking it and selecting “Share”

Manage Files

Sync is an alternative to using a web browser to access files stored on BitPack. In Sync, the files you are working on are stored in BitPack and not on your local disk.

To access your files through BitPack Sync on Mac, open a Finder window and navigate to your user profile and select the folder “BitPack.”

Now you can copy, paste, save, move, and delete files as simply as you would normally do in Finder.

Sync Files

You can view and control all the Sync app’s settings from the Sync app menu.

Here you can view the following functions:

  • Account Settings: Change user account and server information used for connection

  • Selective Sync: Allows you to select which specific folders get synchronized locally

  • Network Folders: Allows you to select which network folders get synchronized locally

  • Backup: Allows you to select which local folders should be backed up

  • Change Sync Folder: Allows you to change the location where the Sync folder is stored. For instance, you can move it to a different drive if storage space is an issue.

  • Reset All Sync Data: Sometimes, you might want to clear the synchronization state information in the Sync app and make it reset all the internal data. This will make it recreate the sync state again from the server. Note that no files in the Sync folder are deleted or affected (i.e. if the file already exists locally it will not be re-downloaded).

  • Other Settings: You can also edit other miscellaneous settings and Sync settings are shown even when Sync is paused so that they can be changed.