Install the BitPack iOS app

Before installing the app on your iPhone or iPad, you must have a BitPack account. Click here to sign up and create an account.

On your device, navigate to Apple’s Appstore. Search “BitPack” and download the BitPack iOS app. When the app is completely downloaded, tap to open it. If you’re currently using your device, tap the button below to navigate to BitPack’s download page.

Login to the BitPack iOS app

Follow the steps below to login and to start using BitPack.

Access Files on BitPack iOS app

Once you have logged in, you can now access the same files that are on BitPack’s server. All files that you download from anywhere on the BitPack app are saved to the following local folder on your device:

My Files

This folder is automatically created on the BitPack server and in the BitPack iOS app.

When the BitPack iOS app is first installed, this folder (and any subfolders) will initially be empty.



Configure security settings

The authentication information is saved securely in iOS’s Keychain infrastructure and cannot be accessed by anyone, even if your device is lost.

FileCloud and FileCloud iOS App allow setting a code, TouchID or FaceID to allow access to the iOS accounts. It is available in Global Settings by clicking on the gear icon in the main “Accounts” screen.

You can also enable/disable App Integrations here. This will remove access to your BitPack files from 3rd party applications.

How to Backup Photos and Videos

Step 1:

First click the icon in the upper left corner to show Accounts.  Then Click on your Account like shown below.  Then click the Sync logo in the bottom right corner.

Step 2:

Then click Camera Uploads and then select your server as seen below.


Download files and folders

Navigate to the file or folder you want to download. In the preview pane, tap the “Download” button. You can continue working while the download is in progress. The downloaded files will be in the “This Device” location. To download all the files in a given folder, select “Download Folder Files.” You can continue working while the download is in progress.

Upload by copying from your phone or tablet

Navigate to the file you want to uploaded. Copy the file to the “Files” folder. Open the BitPack app and navigate to the file you want to upload. Click the “Actions” button. Select the “Upload Files” to this folder. (In iPhone, you might have to scroll down in the drop down menu.) Select an option which you prefer to upload. You can continue working while the upload is in progress.

iOS File Sync

When you activate this option you can choose between:

Two Way Sync:

This option will download changes from the server as well as upload changes from the device back to the server.

Download Only:

This option will ignore any changes made to local downloaded files and will download changes from the server only.

To sync, navigate to the folder you want to sync any time changes are made to the file contents. From the folder dropdown menu, select “Sync Folder.” On the “Select Sync Type,” chose a mode. A folder marked with “Sync” will be shown in the file listing.